About Us

Welcome to Kruanapat Food Products Company, Ltd.

    a manufacturer and distributor of popular Thai food condiment sauces since 2005.

       We have experience in producing a wide ranging food product line for consumers which have successfully achieved GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) Food Safety Management, and HALAL certification from the government of Thailand. The company headquarters is located in Ubon Ratchathani Province in northeast Thailand. We have a manufacturing capacity of over 1.5 billion bottles per year and growing.

       The main food products are Sukiyaki sauces (Thai style hot and mild), BBQ sauce, Sweet Chili sauce, Spicy Salad Dressing, Sriracha hot sauce and Seafood/Poultry sauce. Our food products are created using authentic Thai chilis which are known as "Hua Ruea Chilis". These chilis are grown exclusively by local Thai farmers in Ubon Ratchathani. They are renowned for imparting foods with a richly flavored medium level of spiciness plus beautiful aroma and color. This is why the product line of Kruanapat Food Products Company, Ltd. is unique and different from other manufacturers.

       Kruanapat Food Products Company, Ltd. has a comprehensive distribution network across Thailand that includes traditional stores as well as local convenience stores. With over 45,000 point of sale locations we are quickly becoming one of the fastest growing sauce and condiment producers in Thailand. Our sales and service team impress many customers. For more than 10 years our singular goal has been to produce a food product line of uncompromising quality and taste for consumers both domestically and worldwide. The brand of Kruanapat means “simply delicious at home". We invite you to enjoy our complete line of sauces.